“C’è il senso di una pienezza ed intensità nella formazione delle immagini di Paolo Dell’Elce, c’è un bisogno espressivo di significati dove ha voce il silenzio che continua anche dopo l’ultimo segno, dopo l’ultima luce, l’ultimo albero grigio.

Il soggetto innocente sente lo sguardo su di sé, si presta alla messa in scena, entra nel tessuto del linguaggio, diventa costruzione visiva, luogo dell’evocazione, suono ed eco di una tensione interiore vivificata, che appartiene alla ragione stessa della sua vita, per dare durata all’indicibile, all’evento poetico che investe la sua coscienza portando la tensione verso la totalità.”

Mario Giacomelli

martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Paolo Dell'Elce

Paolo Dell’Elce

Photographer, theorist and professor of visual languages.
He works through the aesthetic language of photography since 1977, when he presents his first work, “Skies” curated by the artist Franco Summa at the State Art School of Pescara (Italy).
From 1983 until 1994 he worked in publishing and advertising, from 1991 to 1994, he founded and directed by Rita Ciprelli the Stimmung Editions, a company that deals with publishing projects and cultural events.
Since 1985 has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
In 1992 he collaborated in the Carsa Edizioni of Pescara.
In 1993 and 1995 is among the fifteen Italian authors invited to exhibit at the International Prize KODAK EUROPEAN PANORAMA OF YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS, held in Paris, Arles and traveling in major European cities.
In 1993 he was among the ten Italian photographers invited to exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Cordoba at the 1993 Bienal Artefoto.
In 1995 he participated in the collective of Stimmung group: Art of the Press, at the Archaeological Museum of Collelongo (Aq) and Archives, Museum of the People of Abruzzo, Pescara, curated by Rita Ciprelli.
In 1991-93 he contributed to the project Metaphors of Absence, with Rita Ciprelli, Mario Giacomelli, Armando Di Antonio e Attilio Gavini, traveling exhibition in Italy and abroad, whose catalog was acquired by major museums and libraries around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Yokohama Museum,  the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi, Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, the National Centre of Photography of Russian Federation - Rosphoto, St. Petersburg.
In November 1992, the “Progressso Fotografico” magazine has devoted a large monographic book.
In 1996 he was invited to participate in the exhibition “Italian Photography 1900-1990” held in Havana (Cuba) at the National Photographic Archive of Cuba
In 1997 he founded with Franco Sergente and Roberto Bonu the “Abruzzo Museum of Photography Giuseppe Moder” in Città Sant’Angelo (Italy) where he was appointed Artistic Director. For the Museum has created and curated the exhibitions “Michetti Photo Archive: the illusion of truth, the poetry of Labor” with text by Rita Ciprelli, catalog publishing Dagherrotipo, 1998.
“Man to man” Paolo Dell'Elce text, catalog publishing Dagherrotipo, 2000.
“The Photographer his Image”, catalog publishing Dagherrotipo, 2002.
“Lo sguardo poetante”, catalog publishing Dagherrotipo, 2002.
“Encounters in the Night”, catalog publishing Dagherrotipo, 2003.
As part of the educational activities of the Museum, he conducted seminars on the language of Photography on behalf of public institutions, universities and cultural foundations.
Collaborate with editorial contributions in the field of Aesthetics of Photography.
In 1998 he published the essay The Primordial Eye (Noubs, Chieti).
From 2001 to 2005 he collaborated with the IZS Abruzzi and Molise, producing some editorial projects, museological and promotional photographic campaigns.
In 2001 he created the monograph IZS Abruzzo and Molise - The research, the man (Edition Zooprophylactic Institute Abruzzo and Molise “Giuseppe Caporale”).
In 2002 he was invited by the University of La Plata (Argentina) to take a course in the Language of Aesthetics of Photography and to present the exhibition “The feeling of the landscape” at the Museum Gallery (MUGAFO) “Dardo Rocha” in La Plata.
In 2003 he created for the City of Spoltore, the exhibition “Spoltore, patterns of landscape”, presented as part of “The Colors of the Land”.
In 2003 he was invited to the International Exhibition “Images Against War”, edited by Tina Schelorn, traveling in major European galleries.
In 2004 he created for the City of Farindola (Pe), an iconographic study about the anthropological landscape: Farindola, the faces and the land.
He has curated the exhibition and the conference “The Land and the Faces”, in Farindola, meeting with the philosopher Luisa Bonesio.
In 2004 in Spoltore, for the fifth edition of “The Colors of the Land” he has curated the exhibition “Levity”.
In 2005, for the sixth edition of “The Colors of the Land” has created the educational project “Landscapes in the grass”.
In 2005 for the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Pescara has curated the exhibition “The city imagines - Places and Icons”.
In 2006, for the Province of Pescara and the City of Alanno realized the editorial project and photographic exhibition “Alanno, the country of John” the photographic works of Giovanni Bucci.
In 2006, for the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Pescara has curated the exhibition “the land of the photographers” at the Museum Basilio Cascella.
In 2007 (February / March), “Flowers”, curated by Ken Damy, Brescia Museo Ken Damy.
In May 2007 he was invited to St. Petersburg to present the solo exhibition “Flowers” at the National Centre of Photography of Russian Federation, touring the main cities of Russia, and hold a masterclass of language Aesthetics of Photography: Vision That leads to Image.
In 2008 he participated in the exhibition of contemporary art “I’ll not look to the other side”, by Antonio Zimarino, Workers’Association, Spoltore (PE).
In 2008 he participated in the exhibition “The time of light”, curated by Giampietro Guiotto, Cerveno House Museum (BS).
In 2008, as part City of Benevento Entertainment XXIX edition “The Stranger” by Enzo Moscato, attended the exhibition of contemporary art “Multistrati” (Numen ART GALLERY).
In 2008 he participated in the contemporary art exhibition “Seeing and rebuild” by Antonio Zimarino, Spoltore, House of Culture.
In 2008 at the National Centre of Photography of Russian Federation - St. Petersburg Rosphoto held the course “The Language of Photography: technical and aesthetic” with his students making the editorial project and exhibition "Forms of Time".
In February 2010, the “Spirito Libero” magazine has devoted a long article monograph.
In 2010 for the Province of Campobasso and the City of Montefalcone nel Sannio, realized the editorial project and the exhibition “Anagrafica - Montefalcone nel Sannio - The faces, the identity”, photos of Enrico Speranza.
in October 2010 he was invited to the exhibition “Unbroken beat of Soul” by Antonio Zimarino, international contemporary art videos for “Third Mediterranean Festival of the Laity”, Pescara, Ex Aurum.
In 2011 he was invited to an international traveling exhibition “Morphology of Red, episode II” by Dina Volskaya (St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, Paris).
His works have been bought by international collectors and gallerists and held by major museums and public libraries including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Cabinet des Estampes (“Selve”, 28 prints chosen by Jean-Claude Lemagny), the Ken Damy Museum of Contemporary Photography, Brescia, Accademia Carrara in Bergamo (Donation Lanfranco Colombo), the National Centre of Photography of Russian Federation.
Many critics and artists were interested in his work and wrote essays and reviews, including: Guido Fumo, Franco Summa, Elio Di Blasio, Rita Ciprelli, Ando Gilardi, Attilio Gavini, Lanfranco Colombo, Mario Giacomelli, Mario Dondero, Jean Claude Lemagny, Ken Damy, Lorenzo Merlo, Antonio Picariello, Tina Schelorn, Zakhar Kolovsky, Giampietro Guiotto, Antonio Zimarino, Dina Volskaya.
Some of his theoretical works have been cited and discussed in the thesis.
He has recorded for RAI. and some Russian TV channels programs and interviews.